Definition of dislodgement in English:


(also dislodgment)


See dislodge

  • ‘It can also play a significant role in sheltered areas within the vigorous-wave environments of the middle latitudes, however, and it prepares rocks for eventual dislodgement and removal by strong waves in more exposed areas.’
  • ‘NASA suspended future shuttle flights earlier this week after learning about the dislodgement of the big piece of foam insulation, which weighed less than a pound.’
  • ‘Would one say that the dislodgment of the bales was a direct consequence of driving?’
  • ‘Wave action can have similar effects, limiting feeding time or success, although certain species benefit from wave dislodgment of their prey; this also results in gradients of size and morphology.’
  • ‘In addition, water has been shown to be a major factor causing dislodgement of microcapsules from leaves.’