Definition of dismally in English:



  • 1In a gloomy or depressed manner.

    ‘we drove round dismally’
    ‘the wolves howl dismally’
    • ‘God, I'm short, she thought, dismally glaring into the mirror.’
    • ‘I remember leaning out of a high window in a dismally grey, downtown apartment building in Rotterdam.’
    • ‘It's dismally cold the morning we take the boat over to Anacapa Island.’
    • ‘The album balances upbeat and catchy melodies with dismally tinged lyrics.’
    • ‘The teacher wrecked his one chance of escaping from his dismally impoverished life.’
    • ‘We both surveyed the dismally gray industrial building.’
    • ‘This melancholy drama reflects the dismally monotonous lives of its subjects just a little too well.’
    • ‘"This rain is wretched," Violet said dismally, glancing out the windows in disgust.’
    • ‘It was one in the morning; the rain pattered dismally against the panes, and my candle was nearly burnt out.’
    • ‘Some of the scenes turned out to be dismally sombre and somewhat frightening.’
    1. 1.1informal In a disgracefully bad way.
      ‘the second half was a disappointment with both teams performing dismally’
      ‘the scheme failed dismally’
      • ‘Participation in retirement plans is dismally low, especially for low-income workers.’
      • ‘The reasons why the United States lags dismally behind the rest of the western world in media education are many.’
      • ‘This time their debut, Love Me Do, reached number four, but the rest flopped dismally.’
      • ‘Their devotion to the company is slavish and they are each entombed within their dismally stereotypical roles.’
      • ‘One can only pity the dismally short-sighted group on city council that believes this is a good idea.’
      • ‘Most companies are dismally behind the U.S. in such areas as exploiting information technology to get the maximum in productivity.’
      • ‘It's been flamed by almost every fan on the web, and has fared dismally amongst critics as well.’
      • ‘Many of today's students are graduating from high school dismally unprepared for higher learning and employment.’
      • ‘The last eight months have seen a parade of dismally average releases from the label, with bands mining the already barren landscape of British rock.’
      • ‘The president, as dismally as he is doing, is doing 10 points better than this, what has been for most Americans a do-nothing Congress.’