Definition of dismalness in English:



See dismal

  • ‘At present the day was drizzling and chilly, while the huge volumes of smoke from a whole forest of factory chimneys tended to impart a deeper shade of dismalness to the dispiriting landscape.’
  • ‘When confronted with an empty tomb in our lives, do we look at the hopefulness of the situation or do we look at the dismalness of the situation?’
  • ‘To wait fruitfully is not to dream away the now, to brood about its dismalness, to protest its unacceptability, all the hallmarks of being bored.’
  • ‘Its dismalness is largely a delusion, due to the fact that its chief ornaments, at least in our own day, are university professors.’
  • ‘Before that persistent low-spirit sensation totally takes over, here are a few ideas to put up a barricade against the dismalness.’