Definition of dismissively in English:



  • In a manner that suggests that something or someone is unworthy of consideration.

    ‘he was treated dismissively and mocked publicly’
    ‘Elizabeth shrugged dismissively’
    • ‘They shake their heads a bit dismissively at our pitiful pace.’
    • ‘Both women opened their mouths to object, but Carl waved his hand dismissively.’
    • ‘Asked what she thinks about the state of contemporary literature, she says, dismissively, "Who knows?"’
    • ‘The country artist dismissively belittles Rose's talent, and demands that she never record another of his tunes.’
    • ‘What he dismissively called 'Greek' and 'German' would today be categorized as Byzantine and Gothic art.’
    • ‘Fernandez summarises their arguments dismissively.’
    • ‘Many use this term dismissively when they hear of anyone referring to animals as having thoughts or feelings or wishes.’
    • ‘She saw me staring and stared back confrontationally, then dismissively turned away so that I was embarrassed for staring.’
    • ‘A woman helping her around the house dismissively told her: "You're not sick - you don't look sick."’
    • ‘Each dealt with the other cagily and sometimes dismissively.’