Definition of Disney in English:



  • 1Reminiscent of a film or theme park created by the Walt Disney Company, especially in being simplified, sanitized, or romanticized.

    • ‘it presents a very Disney view of the Middle Ages’
    • ‘The family's arrival in the US doesn't play like a Disney ending.’
    • ‘I do feel, however, that the majority of people have a entirely unrealistic Disney view of the world.’
    • ‘It's only urbanites, divorced from the realities of nature, who have this Walt Disney attitude to cute fluffy pests.’
    • ‘She scrimped and saved in order to afford a Disney wedding.’
    • ‘The ending is too tight, too Disney.’
    • ‘This was a conservative show for the '60s, designed to be Disney type entertainment for the whole family.’
    • ‘Their dalliance seemed like a Disney romance.’
    • ‘"People in Texas don't have a kind of Disney attitude about animals," he added.’
    • ‘The simplicity is what allows everyone to pour themselves into it, to remake it according to the limits of their imagination; I'll stop before I get too Disney.’
    • ‘It will become little more than a Disney type experience—walk in the virtual henge one and a half miles away, then pay for the shuttle bus.’
  • 2mainly North American Denoting a noncustodial parent who, when spending time with their child or children, indulges them with gifts, special outings, and other treats, leaving disciplinary responsibilities to the custodial parent.

    • ‘he needs to stop playing Disney dad and parent properly’
    • ‘it sounds like your ex is a Disney parent’
    • ‘I don't want to become a Disney dad, but I don't want to end up disciplining them all the time.’
    • ‘When the kids come to stay for a weekend, he may bend over backwards to be the Disney dad.’
    • ‘The mothers most likely to complain about the Disney dad phenomenon are the ones stuck with all the work, because the dad just won't do it.’
    • ‘I often get asked by fellow single moms, "How do I compete with Disney Dad?"’
    • ‘She responds that I am a Disney dad, my goal is to poison the kids against her.’
    • ‘Many of the mothers described how hard it was to "retrain" the kids after their time spent at Disney Dad's house where they could always do whatever they want.’
    • ‘They talk about dealing with a Disney parent and discuss ideas on coping with your child after being spoiled with the other parent.’
    • ‘In the end, when the kids grow up, they usually realize who was the real parent and who was the Disney parent.’
    • ‘ Co-parents should strive to avoid the Disney Parent syndrome.’
    • ‘Basically my ex is the Disney parent with no rules or regulations and is making me out to be the bad guy.’



/ˈdiznē/ /ˈdɪzni/


1930s from the name of Walter Elias Disney (see Disney, Walt).