Definition of disobediently in English:



See disobedient

  • ‘I can hear the rain beating down on the roof like a meteor shower as our car lurches violently from side to side, rocking disobediently on its haunches, fat tyres chafing loudly over what appears to be a long, shallow pond.’
  • ‘I want to talk to the boss,’ I said disobediently.’
  • ‘His gray eyes glinted with an air of impatience as he offered a helping hand to another being, a small boy, his choppy brown locks sticking out disobediently in all directions as he was pulled back to his feet.’
  • ‘My eyes disobediently traveled him up and down before I slid out the door.’
  • ‘My head started spinning, and for a dizzying moment, my hands disobediently came up to grip his arms.’