Definition of disomy in English:



mass nounGenetics
  • The condition of having a chromosome represented twice in a chromosomal complement.

    • ‘We found that the rate of chromosome I disomy among vik1 spores was indistinguishable from that observed in wild-type strains.’
    • ‘It may be of interest to examine the sperm of men with different sized Y chromosomes to see whether there is a relationship between the level of sex chromosome disomy and Y chromosome size.’
    • ‘Some cases of AS result from inheritance of both chromosomes in the 15 pair from the father, an unusual genetic phenomenon known as uniparental disomy.’
    • ‘Uniparental disomy and imprinting modify gene expression with passage through maternal or paternal meiosis.’
    • ‘This leads to disomy (two copies of each chromosome) following fertilization.’


1980s from di-‘two’ + -some+ -y.