Definition of disorganized in English:


(British disorganised)


  • 1Not properly planned and controlled.

    ‘the campaign was hopelessly disorganized’
    • ‘Why do we do accumulate, hoard and keep our homes and offices in messy, untidy, disorganized clutter?’
    • ‘In short, almost all subjects with a flexible strategy have high control beliefs, and the majority of the subjects with a disorganized strategy show low control beliefs.’
    • ‘But these were not disorganized attempts to win control over extended territories, and since the king was always accompanied by his entire court these journeys could not be improvised.’
    • ‘As Ralph went on to show them their bedrooms, his bedroom, and the bathroom, I needn't explain each one for they were all quite similar - disorganized, random, and cluttered.’
    • ‘The school itself, disorganized and chaotic, did not show the sense of urgency needed to work with a population of inner-city kids.’
    • ‘My random, disorganised thoughts are frequently interrupted by my own private ‘air show’, military jets hurtling overhead at what seems only about 50 foot.’
    • ‘Like other liberations of besieged cities in the past, it seems that the final few moves were chaotic and disorganised, rather than any form of grand militaristic march over the horizon.’
    • ‘Levski tried to respond, but their attacks were chaotic and disorganised, so they left themselves a lot to do for the return game in Sofia next week.’
    • ‘It's not surprising I'm stalled at 70,000 words of disorganised and rather random episodes that need linking together.’
    • ‘Petty crime and random violence, so-called disorganised crime, has left millions of Brazilians terrified.’
    • ‘I think I have too many domains and it's all too disorganised and messy and I'm still musing over what to do with various sites.’
    • ‘It's disorganised, chaotic, ideas mashed together like a car crash.’
    • ‘It puts them in the countryside, where they are dispersed and disorganised and fall under the control of local chiefs, who are politically appointed.’
    • ‘Their implementation may have been chaotic and disorganized, but they were carried through with remarkable goodwill and even enthusiasm considering the multitude of vested interests they threatened or damaged.’
    • ‘His oftentimes messy and disorganized decision-making process has been widely publicized, further eroding any appearance of strong decisive leadership.’
    • ‘Mirror, hair brush, hair ties, perfume, little notepads to write things on, perfect little shelves to hold books… It was nothing like my messy, highly disorganized locker.’
    • ‘The discounted items are crammed like sardines in the room, and laid out in a very disorganized and random manner (at least that's how it is at the end of the day).’
    • ‘He let his mother into his home and the pair wandered through to the kitchen where Rose sat down at the breakfast bar where papers were strewn across, messy and disorganized.’
    • ‘None of this messy business with everyone running around everywhere in a totally disorganized fashion.’
    • ‘You never saw him with a desk full of clutter-you never saw him ruffled, hurried, disorganized.’
    disorderly, disordered, unorganized, mixed up, jumbled, muddled, untidy, messy, cluttered, chaotic, confused, topsy-turvy, haphazard, random
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    1. 1.1Unable to plan one's activities efficiently.
      ‘she's very muddled and disorganized’
      • ‘To some he appeared disorganized, slapdash, cheerful to the point of flippancy.’
      • ‘In the second half discipline went out of the window and you'd have to feel sorry for McEniff as he tries to deal with such an undisciplined, disorganised group of players.’
      • ‘Now it is being extended to adults who are simply noticeably inefficient, disorganised and failing in their careers.’
      • ‘He observed on September 11 that she was disorganized, unable to stay for the session, unable to give a urine sample and displaying poor insight and poor responsibility.’
      • ‘What if I think I'm efficient but I'm seen as disorganized?’
      • ‘Other problems included a shortage of learning materials, disorganised teachers and the financial incapacity of students from rural areas.’
      • ‘As we paint our individual pictures of life the scene can become cluttered, especially for disorganized people like myself who tend to lose track of things in their chaotic surroundings.’
      • ‘They must stop looking leaderless, fumbling, unfocused, disorganized, and confused.’
      • ‘So being a messy, indecisive and disorganized ditherer is healthy!’
      • ‘Moreover, this desire can be tied to the fact that guys are messy, disorganized, and also tend to procrastinate.’
      • ‘This is not to say that they are chaotic and disorganized.’
      • ‘That home, Pelican House, could belong to an explorer, albeit a slightly disorganised, technically messy explorer.’
      • ‘The marginal are not rational; they are ignorant; they lack discipline; they are disorganized; they lack proper language and manners.’
      • ‘You'd think that at that age girls like us would be messy and disorganized, but like I've said, being a thief makes you careful.’
      • ‘To play somebody who has a kid and is quite chaotic and disorganised really appealed to me.’
      • ‘‘Although he was a neat and organised person who was schooled in scientific materialism, he was on the surface a chaotic and disorganised person,’ Rensburg said.’
      • ‘Voucher recipients are drawn almost exclusively from the ranks of the city's most disorganized families and individuals, so it's hardly surprising that many do not conduct themselves as model tenants.’
      • ‘As comfortable as this might sound to the disorganized visionary who risks having valuable work stolen from them if they forget to mark it with a ‘©,’ consider the implications.’
      unmethodical, unsystematic, undisciplined, unorganized, badly organized, unprepared, inefficient, ineffective, ineffectual, incapable
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