Definition of disparager in English:


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  • A person who criticizes someone as being of little worth.

    ‘he is shrewder than his disparagers would credit’
    • ‘Then a disparager professed that Eminem's handicraft isn't "real" rap because it lacks a heavy dose of "rhythm and rhyme".’
    • ‘Their disparagers allege they're driven by aggressive women with more determination than charm.’
    • ‘His son advised him against filing lawsuits against his disparagers and instead to "answer later ... about all these unjust accusations."’
    • ‘It will be a good time to address some of the sport's top misconceptions, whether they are harbored by established fans, prospective fans or disparagers.’
    • ‘Though hockey, particularly professional hockey, has its disparagers, and deserves the scrutiny it has come under for violence and injury, it is all the same a game that has a grip like no other on this country's soul.’
    • ‘Her father has said he will legally challenge his daughter's disparagers whose hateful comments could be labeled libelous.’
    • ‘Disparagers of the pageant decry its heavy use of spandex and hairspray.’
    • ‘It allows businesses to prevent anonymous disparagers and puts real names and faces to comments.’
    • ‘Disparagers of the band often label them as a knock-off, but that statement could not be further from the truth.’



/diˈsperijər/ /dɪˈspɛrɪdʒər/