Definition of dispatch box in English:

dispatch box


  • 1

    (also dispatch case)
    British A container for official state or military dispatches.

    • ‘When the Reichstag reassembled, Papen appeared with the red dispatch box which traditionally contained the the orders of dissolution under his arm.’
    • ‘He was not a typical tin-man or window salesman, wearing a cheap suit and tie and carrying a dispatch case full of samples.’
    • ‘He carried in his left hand a small black, leather dispatch box, and it was noticed by a sharp-eyed clerk in the Central office that this box was fastened to his wrist by a strap.’
    • ‘Victoria doubted her son's discretion and not until 1892, when he was over 50, was he entrusted with the ‘golden key’ to Albert's dispatch boxes.’
    • ‘I suggested that such categorization could lead to useful identification of the contents of 33 dispatch cases, thereby resulting in a further and better affidavit of documents that would expedite the passing of accounts.’
    • ‘‘Under the tubes, we have these dispatch boxes’ - he points at a row of rounded hinged doors, each bearing a brass plate identifying its dedicated client.’
    • ‘She is in her seventies now, an age when most people would be enjoying their retirement, yet she carries on her public duties and receives her red dispatch boxes every day of the year.’
    • ‘Moving inside, he began to gather the papers he had been working on and placed them into a leather dispatch case.’
    • ‘Kydd went below to find his dispatch case, given to him by Keith’s aide.’
  • 2the Dispatch BoxA box in the House of Commons next to which ministers stand when speaking.

    ‘we have had commitments from Ministers of State at the dispatch box’
    • ‘Yet four days later the Prime Minister was at the Dispatch Box waving a dossier and making that claim no fewer than four times.’
    • ‘Part of Mr Cook's strength was his command at the Dispatch Box.’
    • ‘No wonder the word he used 15 times at the Dispatch Box last Wednesday was ‘judgment’.’
    • ‘Looking back, his passionate performances at the Dispatch Box and on television probably helped contain it.’
    • ‘Within the Lords, the junior ministers and their shadows, who were all women when I watched, perched rather fetchingly on the cushions in the centre of the chamber where the dispatch box should be.’
    • ‘The Chancellor's body language at the dispatch box, normally so affirmative and assured, seemed stiff and uncertain.’
    • ‘But Brown has earned the right to strut at the dispatch box.’
    • ‘He was at the dispatch box speaking on Wednesday when five pro-fox hunting protesters ran into the chamber after evading guards.’
    • ‘They know from his performance at the dispatch box that the Tory leader is a lot more dangerous than he looks.’
    • ‘Whenever he approaches the dispatch box in Parliament, even his enemies cringe.’


dispatch box