Definition of dispense with someone's services in English:

dispense with someone's services


  • Dismiss someone from a job.

    ‘the club have no option but to dispense with his services’
    • ‘Eames was sacked late on Wednesday night after a disciplinary hearing found him guilty of gross misconduct, concluding he deliberately misled three employees when dispensing with their services.’
    • ‘When Kenneth Williams, 58, returned to his Horsforth home from holiday last summer to find a letter from his employer dispensing with his services, he thought his working life was over.’
    • ‘But if she isn't, her once supportive German bosses will not waste any time in dispensing with her services.’
    • ‘If I don't see it through, it will be because they have dispensed with my services.’
    • ‘What we do know is that no publisher made an offer and Mark, frustrated with Harris's failure, dispensed with his services.’
    • ‘I put it to him that if someone else were head coach he, as chief executive, would surely consider whether to dispense with their services.’
    • ‘He would make certain that, in future, any group or artist he managed never had the power to dispense with his services.’
    • ‘If he did, I would have dispensed with his services and gone it alone and won.’
    • ‘He never dispensed with her services, or those of his solicitor.’
    • ‘After he has begun my father can dispense with my services and the routine becomes a monologue which moves on its own.’