Definition of disperser in English:



See disperse

‘Many juveniles (mainly short-distance dispersers; data not shown) made exploratory trips before dispersal, usually of distances of less than 1 km from the birth site.’
  • ‘In particular, they may attract a diverse array of seed dispersers by offering an essential, but scarce micronutrient.’
  • ‘I ranked the fatness of dispersers (in the year before they dispersed) and the fatness of other workers of similar length in the colonies from which they dispersed.’
  • ‘Microbes, invertebrate fruit consumers (especially insect larvae), and vertebrate dispersers can thus be viewed as competitors for access to a rich but transient nutritional substrate.’
  • ‘One hundred twenty-eight natal males from the three study clans survived beyond the age of 16 months and thus were potential dispersers.’