Definition of dispiritingly in English:



See dispiriting

  • ‘I found it dispiritingly easy to knock together a vastly superior top ten in a couple of minutes.’
  • ‘And if, in the depiction of our trade, perceptions of our benignity and those of our power have been locked in a dispiritingly inverse relationship, what, if anything, can be done?’
  • ‘And so the deluge of emotion in the concluding scenes comes off as dispiritingly false, even if the storytelling talent which preceded it was undoubtedly real.’
  • ‘And when the new millennium arrived, it brought not a new age but a dispiritingly commonplace popping of a bubble of earthly greed.’
  • ‘It is not a matter of sport wishing its life away, when every match is dispiritingly seen as a preparation for some other match.’