Definition of displacement activity in English:

displacement activity


  • An animal or human activity that seems inappropriate to the context, such as head-scratching when one is confused, considered to arise unconsciously when a conflict between antagonistic urges cannot be resolved.

    ‘When it happened, it was almost a displacement activity.’
    • ‘Yet the whole affair was a displacement activity: an exercise in self-deception.’
    • ‘What choice did I have but to find some displacement activity?’
    • ‘I can understand why they dress well - it must be a form of displacement activity.’
    • ‘Reading, extended looking for help, and commiserating can all be seen, after 3 years, as further displacement activities, helping you avoid ending your grieving, and putting away your past relationship.’


displacement activity

/disˈplāsmənt akˈtivədē/ /dɪsˈpleɪsmənt ækˈtɪvədi/