Definition of display ad in English:

display ad


  • A large advertisement, especially in a newspaper or magazine, that features eye-catching type or illustrations.

    • ‘First, because it falls out when the reader opens the newspaper, there is a greater likelihood that more people will see an insert than a display ad that is buried among 25 to 40 pages of newspaper.’
    • ‘Do you envision many merchants changing program Terms and Conditions so that merchants can prevent affiliates from securing the only display ad against a core search phase?’
    • ‘Please see our display ad for further information.’
    • ‘An online visitor to the auto section will trigger a half-screen display ad for a car - but not right there and then while reading about autos.’
    • ‘Rural advertising is growing, particularly since you can get a small display ad into the local editions for as little as Rs.200.’
    • ‘At first glance, that seems to be much higher than the display ad and from the standpoint of calls that would be true.’
    • ‘Many camps take out costly display ads in their local newspapers and then complain about the dismal results.’
    • ‘A growing number of newspaper sites permit do-it-yourself classifieds placement, but self-service display ads is a rarity.’
    • ‘When the skittish dog escaped the sitter, Baker didn't just put an ad in the paper, he bought display ads so he could include a photo.’
    • ‘An art teacher in one small town involved students in developing display ads for local businesses.’
    • ‘Subscribers do not appear willing to pay, nor do advertisers appear inclined to shell out big dollars to display ads in a medium that is beginning to look increasingly like a temporary fad.’
    • ‘But you've got everything packed in there - features, news, technology, events, editorial, government affairs, member comments, travel hints, plus some nice display ads.’
    • ‘They will be smaller display ads, teasers, with just enough information to get you interested.’
    • ‘Job advertising - classified and display - as well as other classifieds and general display ads have stagnated or been falling as the internet and direct mail have snagged more and more business.’
    • ‘In terms of display ads, the banner has been supplanted to a certain extent by pop-over and then pop-under ads with the idea that bigger is better and maybe the element of surprise will help.’
    • ‘Our lists are developed through direct-mail marketing, the Internet, list rentals and national display ads.’
    • ‘Or offer non-cash payments like credit for posting classifieds or display ads on your website.’
    • ‘Even display ads can be fairly inexpensive, given that you will reach a large number of people.’
    • ‘Traders however prefer glow signs for their shop fronts and display ads.’
    • ‘It is easy for all but the largest display ads to get lost in the visual clutter.’