Definition of display case in English:

display case

(also display cabinet)


  • A case, made all or partly of glass, for displaying items in a shop or museum for observation or inspection.

    • ‘They have agreed that the glass display case in Oxford Street can be extended so a statue of the TV steeplejack can be put inside.’
    • ‘Here, before the altar, sits a glass display case mounted on a wooden plinth.’
    • ‘Pupils can explore different beliefs by looking at the artefacts in a glass display case at the back of a classroom.’
    • ‘At the film counter of the general store a shrunken old man holds himself steady against the glass display cabinet, peering down at the selection of instant cameras.’
    • ‘The newspaper reported that the brothers had broken a glass display cabinet in the mosque and torn down a poster.’
    • ‘What business lesson can one find inside a museum display case?’
    • ‘I looked at my reflection in a glass covering of a display case.’
    • ‘Food comes from behind glass in a refrigerated display case, or amongst stacks of glorious, colorful produce.’
    • ‘I whisked off my baker's cap and wadded it into a ball, which I threw into the glass display case by the cash register.’
    • ‘At a glass display case at the far end of the room, Patel pointed down at a small, gold brooch in the shape of an elephant encrusted in tiny sapphires.’
    • ‘Apparently, the suspect was caught trying to steal a valuable treasure from its display case at the museum.’
    • ‘I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the glass of the display case.’
    • ‘The thick glass of the display case looked like it had been forged of clear sheets of pure ice, with not a single defect to be seen by the naked eye.’
    • ‘The first thing he noticed in the stone tunnel was a glass display case in the middle around ten yards away.’
    • ‘She landed on the display case, shattering the glass and splintering the wood base.’
    • ‘On the glass display case he spread out his cards and asked me to cut the deck.’
    • ‘Once inside, the saleslady led us to a glass display case, and the three of us peered below.’
    • ‘A helmet in a display case at the British Museum is not just a priceless piece of antiquity.’
    • ‘The African-American chef rearranges slices of pecan and blueberry pie in the glass display cabinet.’
    • ‘This room also includes a recessed display cabinet with glass shelving.’