Definition of displayable in English:



  • Capable of or suitable for being displayed.

    ‘a software application that converts this data into a displayable form’
    ‘a highly displayable coffee table book’
    • ‘The finished product will be a displayable map for a requested location.’
    • ‘There are beautiful pieces of wearable and displayable art for sale.’
    • ‘The microscopic images are not displayable as such and need to be rendered into three-dimensional models.’
    • ‘I started noticing a small wave of a new kind of book : highly displayable coffee-table books about the display of books.’
    • ‘The gallery said the damage will always remain under the surface of the work but it had now been conserved to "displayable condition".’
    • ‘The device caps displayable content at 100 items.’
    • ‘Displayable data may include a number of calories burned, number of repetitions, and the like.’
    • ‘When I have the displayable image ready, I watermark it and upload it to my various galleries.’
    • ‘The carefully constructed record collection with displayable album cover art is little more than a quaint anachronism for the twenty-year-olds of 2003.’
    • ‘This source document contains the displayable text mixed with HTML tags’