Definition of displayer in English:



See display

  • ‘The dichotomy between male and female-male as arbiter of reason and female as displayer of passion-makes me uncomfortable.’
  • ‘If at all possible, get permission to enter the preparation room to see what experienced displayers do before the judging begins.’
  • ‘One displayer (stuck in a box seat on the side) even had a clever sign stuck on the wall behind him saying: ‘Welcome to Tokyo’ in order to illustrate various things such as remote assistance, Instant Messenger and more.’
  • ‘If you can only eat the hot dog produced by the best movie displayer on a particular night that you want to watch a movie, and you aren't allowed to bring in hot dogs from outside the movie theater, is this a socially optimum system?’
  • ‘He admires her as a show woman - a displayer of womanhood - which is his stock in trade.’