Definition of displeased in English:



  • Feeling or showing annoyance and displeasure.

    ‘he was displeased with your work’
    • ‘She frowned a little, as if displeased with what Asha had told her.’
    • ‘Unfortunately with this decision I count myself amongst the displeased.’
    • ‘Maclaurin returned to Aberdeen to discover that the University was most certainly highly displeased that he had not been undertaking his duties for two years.’
    • ‘‘Distraction,’ Boreal said decidedly, her voice sounding like the hiss of a displeased snake.’
    • ‘I catch a displeased look from her in the mirror.’
    • ‘Illness in African society is often attributed to the breaking of a taboo or machinations of malicious or sometimes displeased ancestral spirits.’
    • ‘A displeased Hussain is a beast to be reckoned with.’
    • ‘Lucas looked to the side as he played and sang staring straight at the displeased and shocked Paige.’
    • ‘Secretly, I'm not too displeased when someone starts throwing up.’
    • ‘She frowns softly, more of a piteous look than a displeased one.’
    • ‘Mary kept glancing over at her sister with a displeased expression.’
    • ‘She seemed displeased that the room's coloration didn't match her eyes, skin tone, or clothing.’
    • ‘He chuckled when she nodded and his eyes flashed in sweet amusement when she pulled a displeased face at him.’
    • ‘He was not displeased that he had not seen it in the tribute waggon, was he?’
    • ‘I gave her enough warning and she didn't put the puzzle together, or I didn't do my job as a displeased friend.’
    • ‘No matter how displeased she was with him - it was different with things.’
    • ‘Plenty of manic humour abounds - Alison Wells' displeased Italian mother is a classic.’
    • ‘And once she'd caught his displeased look when he looked at her and her child.’
    • ‘One time in particular, what was around the next corner, was a very large, very displeased street dog.’
    • ‘Ronald notes Frances's displeased expression, and he touches her arm.’
    dissatisfied, displeased, discontented, disappointed, disgruntled