Definition of disposer in English:



See dispose

‘a waste disposer’
  • ‘a disposer of grants and subsidies’
  • ‘Among the accessories were cookware and crockery, trolleys and storage racks, dustbins and garbage disposers, carpets and cleaning supplies, kitchen hardware and ventilators.’
  • ‘Today's garbage disposers are efficient, safe, virtually trouble-free devices that anyone who knows how to use a screwdriver and wrench can install in a few hours.’
  • ‘It is putting pressure on the government to speed up enforcement action against noncompliant disposers and managers of waste.’
  • ‘Two out of three Americans want a garbage disposer.’
  • ‘Nature is clever, isn't it, being both provider on one hand and disposer on the other.’
  • ‘I am therefore not well disposed to accept its members' stringent criticisms of others.’



/dəˈspōzər/ /dəˈspoʊzər/