Definition of dispositor in English:



  • The planet which rules the sign in which another planet is located in a particular chart.

    • ‘The son of a barrister and initially a barrister himself, the Moon's applying trine to its exalted dispositor, Saturn in Libra, offers success through responsibilities of a civil and judicial nature.’
    • ‘Traditional works frequently advise us to consider the strength of a planet's dispositor when evaluating its own condition because a dispositor's well being influences any planet in its sign.’
    • ‘The second triplicity ruler, Saturn, also the dispositor of the ascendant, is exalted.’
    • ‘Saturn, the 3rd ruler of the Sun's triplicity is cadent but it is in the sign of Jupiter and is aspected by trine to its dispositor, so it indicates mixed circumstances.’
    • ‘The emphasis on nodes which I encountered in the monastery links back to my Saturn return, in a way, since the dispositor of my North Node is Saturn.’