Definition of disproportionation in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A reaction in which a substance is simultaneously oxidized and reduced, giving two different products.

    • ‘Reactions in which atoms of the same element are both oxidized and reduced are disproportionation reactions.’
    • ‘Three categories that encompass all these different redox reactions are atom transfer redox reactions, electron transfer reactions, and disproportionation reactions.’
    • ‘This complex can lead to the formation of uncolored and colored dimers and/or revert back to the monomers in their ground state by disproportionation of the semiquinone radical.’
    • ‘It has been shown above that sulphur disproportionation was probably active in the basin, allowing for a higher fractionation between sulphates and sulphides.’
    • ‘The net differences in the entropy term of the disproportionation equilibria are small, which may reflect cancellations of components rather than lack of interactions.’