Definition of disputably in English:



See disputable

  • ‘The reliability of such estimates is still a matter of discussion and for that reason we preferred to use equally weighted independent varieties above disputably weighted and correlated varieties.’
  • ‘The Red Cross is, disputably, the most widely recognized charitable organization in the world.’
  • ‘Earliest known drawings of scabies were made by Giovan Cosimo Bonomo in 1687, who collaborated with Diacinto Cestoni and is disputably the discoverer of the scabies mite.’
  • ‘As college is disputably the most formative time in one's life, collegiate architecture is a significant influence on a student's pilgrimage.’
  • ‘Green explains that it was the naval battle at Artemisium, where the Greeks may disputably be considered the victor, that Pindar described as ‘the shining cornerstone of freedom’ because Xerxes had lost too many of his ships to divide them, send half to Sparta, and so conquer the Greeks.’