Definition of disputer in English:



See dispute

  • ‘The two were known throughout their school as ‘the eternal disputers’ or ‘the foes’ or just ‘the ones who never shut up,’ though a few of the wiser students believed they were secretly lusting after one another.’
  • ‘Do not confuse one who is contending earnestly for the faith with the disputer of this age.’
  • ‘So, you see the difference between a disputer and dialectician.’
  • ‘An erring disputer is to be borne withal in other questions not diligently digested, not yet made firm by full authority of the Church, - their error is to be borne with.’
  • ‘Where is the disputer of this world?’
  • ‘‘A disputer whose dispute will be accepted’ means for those who are reading it and practically doing what it teaches, the Quran will dispute for them in the court of Allah for increasing their ranks.’