Definition of disrate in English:



[with object]
  • Reduce (a sailor) to a lower rank.

    ‘he had been disrated for an unsavoury escapade’
    • ‘A Midshipman could be disrated at any time by the Captain, and thus served entirely at his pleasure.’
    • ‘For this last act he was disrated to 2nd class constable and we hear no more of him thereafter.’
    • ‘Hands-on owners like Mistress Pim, and owner-captains, hire everyone, but the captain, whether owner or not, is permitted to rate and disrate crew as needed.’
    • ‘Those with no stripes, who were already fourth class, were disrated to fifth class, which in itself was a punishment class, and meant that one attended punishment parades during all leisure hours.’
    • ‘I have this day had to disrate William Thompson - Cook & Steward in his capacity as Steward from his slovenly and dirty habits, we have now been 22 days at sea during which time has never once washed out the Cabin or Pantry although I have frequently requested him to do so, but finding all remonstrances in vain.’
    downgrade, lower, lower in rank, lower in status, put down, move down