Definition of disruptor in English:



  • 1A person or thing that interrupts an event, activity, or process by causing a disturbance or problem.

    ‘the film follows his evolution from Hollywood star to political disruptor’
    • ‘The students and outside disruptors potentially violated various provisions of the California Penal Code.’
    • ‘My opponent is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to got to my events.’
    • ‘The more we can see that the biggest disruptors in our lives can also be those who are most helpful to us, we start to relax into 'being disrupted' in a whole new way.’
    • ‘If you have one or two disruptors in your classroom, your class is sabotaged.’
    • ‘Disruptors suddenly and loudly stormed into the room mid-session.’
    1. 1.1A company or form of technology that causes radical change in an existing industry or market by means of innovation.
      ‘the company is becoming a major disruptor in the healthcare industry’
      • ‘mobile technology is the top digital disruptor in business today’
      • ‘They aren't so happy with how the city of Birmingham has responded to industry disruptors like food trucks and Uber.’
      • ‘South African companies, characterised by low levels of digital maturity, are rushing to digitise and digitalise to compete with emerging market disruptors.’
      • ‘The breakup continues a season of change for some of the world's biggest sellers of corporate technology, as some of the original disruptors themselves become disrupted.’
      • ‘The firm's high-tech, low-cost business model is typical of small disruptors such as peer-to-peer lenders that are targeting fat margins on personal and business loans.’
      • ‘Digital disruptors are not only changing targeted industries; they're also sending ripple effects of innovation throughout the world.’
      • ‘Investors may want to keep an eye on some of these women-led healthcare tech disruptors.’
      • ‘The development of this technology is in direct response to delivery disruptors and will enable the postal service to provide better package tracking, as well as new services like grocery delivery.’
      • ‘New disruptors regularly emerge in the payments industry, posing challenges to financial institutions and retailers.’
      • ‘With changing attitudes and fast approaching tech disruptors, it has never been a better time for the entire sector to work together to ensure the professional companies stay one step ahead.’
      • ‘Influencer marketing has evolved as a disruptor to traditional advertising.’
    2. 1.2Biology A thing that interferes with or significantly alters the structure or function of a biological molecule such as a gene or hormone.
      ‘several drugs show promise as DNA disruptors in cancer cells’
      • ‘The phthalate DEHP found in PVC is an endocrine disruptor and probable human carcinogen.’
      • ‘Atrazine is an immune disruptor in northern leopard frogs.’
      • ‘The big question is whether these various health effects are caused by so-called endocrine disruptors in the environment.’
      • ‘Although the effects of hormone disruptors on women's health are poorly understood, it is known that estrogen itself can cause problems.’
      • ‘The disruptors might be able to cause a partial response or possibly block the receptor from the proper hormone.’
      • ‘To clarify the effect of environmental endocrine disruptors on the induction of secondary sexual characteristics in wild animals, we observed 1,527 male and 1,847 female specimens of sexually mature Japanese freshwater crabs.’
      • ‘The risk from BPA exposure during childhood increased substantially if the mothers also had higher exposure to BBzP during pregnancy, indicating these endocrine disruptors interact to increase childhood asthma risk.’
      • ‘Both pieces of research highlight how vitally important it is for the UK Government to agree the need for EU measures to eliminate our exposure to all hormone disruptors.’
      • ‘The effects of thyroid hormone disruptors on birds are diverse but frequently include impaired growth.’
      • ‘A particularly prevalent group of chemicals that pose a real threat to society right now are endocrine disruptors, some of which are referred to as estrogen mimickers or xenoestrogens.’



/disˈrəptər/ /dɪsˈrəptər/