Definition of dissatisfy in English:


verbdissatisfies, dissatisfying, dissatisfied

[with object]
  • Fail to satisfy (someone)

    ‘what is it about these words that dissatisfies you?’
    • ‘Apart from immersing myself in music via my portable minidisc player, in almost all other areas technology is boring me, sometimes actively dissatisfying me.’
    • ‘We don't want to dissatisfy the people who have put their trust in us,’ he said.’
    • ‘Or would she be punished for dissatisfying him?’
    • ‘These small actions dissatisfy her seemingly endless rage.’
    • ‘After years of battling her body, Renata believed her appearance would always dissatisfy her.’
    • ‘The Second Symphony is such a winning score that one might think it almost conducts itself, and there isn't a recording of it that really dissatisfies me.’
    • ‘These responses correspond with satisfying and dissatisfying aspects of supervision and involvement articulated by nonsupervisory employees.’
    • ‘Study participants were asked what they thought about their experience, including the most satisfying and dissatisfying aspects of their experience.’
    • ‘In one study involving 909 working women from Texas, Kahneman found that they spend on average 17.7 per cent of their time engaged in dissatisfying activities.’
    • ‘All you ‘yes’ voters are equally selfish in your determination to pass a referendum that would dissatisfy the other half of the university.’
    • ‘The plot is staid, with a particularly dissatisfying conclusion.’
    • ‘Companies don't have to subscribe to the notion that if the stock doesn't go up by 15% to 20%, they're going to dissatisfy the investor.’
    • ‘Because government schooling is so bad, and dissatisfies such a gigantic amount of people, as represented in ‘survey upon survey,’ it therefore follows that they cannot be held liable for their faults!’
    • ‘‘The printing technology often dissatisfies collectors, but this will change if the law allows us to choose a printing contractor offering not only the lowest bid but adequate techniques,’ Su said.’
    • ‘It's a question often asked, but the answer usually dissatisfies those doing the asking.’
    • ‘Steve was dissatisfied by the answer, but didn't want to push Kasey to answer more.’
    • ‘Her mother was in one of her moods and it seemed that everything Betty did dissatisfied her.’
    • ‘He could see his answer dissatisfied her and she was reluctant to press him.’
    • ‘The choice in a general election between two candidates either of whom can satisfy most people, or at least radically dissatisfy very few, always leaves some of us with no choice at all.’
    • ‘To see it in action was not only exasperating, but also extremely dissatisfying.’
    displease, fail to satisfy, give cause for complaint, not be good enough
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