Definition of dissolutely in English:



See dissolute

  • ‘Their suffering is generally caused by adults: a parent has died, or run off, or otherwise acted irresponsibly, drunkenly, selfishly, dissolutely.’
  • ‘I dissolutely admit that veracious men with mediocre vocations make great friends but it's those carnivorous corporate men with hefty expense accounts that somehow get my hormones raging.’
  • ‘Others might grow poor squandering resources by living dissolutely.’
  • ‘Even a proposal couldn't make his relationship work and he quit dissolutely in the erudition that there was too much love and too much hate.’
  • ‘Abandoned by her husband, who is tired of living in his wife's shadow, Malak is courted by Lamei, a dissolutely handsome con-man posing as a psychologist who wants to break into film.’