Definition of dissoluteness in English:



See dissolute

  • ‘In such circumstances, it was only to be expected that Christ College in the nineteenth century had a certain reputation for dissoluteness among its staff.’
  • ‘The slave states, were marked by ‘the unequal distribution of property, the toleration of slavery, the ignorance and poverty of the lower classes,’ and a ‘dissoluteness of manners.’’
  • ‘It proves that Bieito is much more than a Spanish shock-merchant: he has an awareness of the pain of love and the dissoluteness of pleasure that makes him the modern theatre's equivalent of Buñuel.’
  • ‘The character chose dissoluteness over self-determination in his endless pursuit of self-love.’
  • ‘George III's eldest son was a notorious profligate and in this essay (1792), Gillray captured his dissoluteness with acid precision.’
  • ‘Drinking, smoking, dissoluteness and much more also often come from this culture.’