Definition of dissymmetric in English:



See dissymmetry

  • ‘They showed this experimentally by irradiating the dissymmetric [Cr 3] 3 - (Cr tris-oxalato) complex with laser light in a very powerful magnetic field.’
  • ‘Furthermore, the lack of an induced dichroic contribution by the fiuorene moiety, although absorbing strongly in this spectral region, indicates that the fluorophore is not significantly perturbed by the dissymmetric peptide chain.’
  • ‘A molecule that is not symmetric - that is, a molecule without a plane of symmetry - is termed dissymmetric, or chiral.’
  • ‘All asymmetric objects are dissymmetric, and an object with no improper rotation axis must also be dissymmetric.’
  • ‘Described here are systems in which symmetrical molecules assemble through hydrogen bonding to produce capsules with dissymmetric cavities.’