Definition of distance learning in English:

distance learning


mass noun
  • A method of studying in which lectures are broadcast or lessons are conducted by correspondence, without the student needing to attend a school or college.

    • ‘They can be full-time, part-time, delivered through local further education colleges, or distance learning.’
    • ‘The students' opinions of distance learning versus traditional methods yielded mixed results.’
    • ‘I looked into a few non-traditional distance learning programs, and found a great one at Goddard College.’
    • ‘The concept of distance learning is not new; correspondence schools have been in existence for decades.’
    • ‘Yet, she has graduated with a diploma in business studies from Sligo IT and is now studying Social Studies through distance learning.’
    • ‘The other 3,500 students will attend part time courses run by the college using on-line and distance learning.’
    • ‘Katherine has also found time to lecture undergraduate dance students and tutor for distance learning degree modules.’
    • ‘The number of colleges and universities offering distance learning is on the rise.’
    • ‘There was a channel on my local cable system on which various colleges and universities presented distance learning programs.’
    • ‘Although not new, distance learning remains an experimental realm at most colleges and universities.’
    • ‘Snapshot testimonials of students and others involved in distance learning are scattered throughout the book.’
    • ‘In the study, distance learning was through audio teleconference.’
    • ‘University administrators have tended to welcome online education and distance learning.’
    • ‘Moodle goes beyond distance learning because it augments lessons through enhanced teacher-student interaction.’
    • ‘This problem is especially serious in distance learning conducted in virtual reality.’
    • ‘Forty years later, those dedicated educators in distance learning classrooms remain the true heroes.’
    • ‘Thanks to distance learning, both kids and parents can now pursue higher education at home.’
    • ‘Additionally, the authors discuss the various forms and uses of available technology in distance learning.’
    • ‘Though there may be many reasons for this discrepancy, one possible explanation lies in the rise of distance learning.’
    • ‘One form of distance learning occurs when an instructor places courseware on a Web server where it can be accessed from afar.’


distance learning