Definition of distempered in English:



  • 1literary Emotionally or psychologically disturbed.

    ‘her performance counterbalances his distempered Beaumont’
    • ‘Saw I him so touched with anger, so distempered.’
    • ‘I cannot but admire, that any should go with their distempered friends and relations to the afflicted children, to know what their distempered friends ail.’
    • ‘The second group, mainly a distempered and impassioned crew that just so happens to include myself, extols 10,000 Hz Legend as the band's true high-water mark.’
    1. 1.1Symptomatic of a general moral and psychological debility.
      ‘this distempered fog, this old corruption of the nation’
      • ‘It's the usual deranged and distempered prose, except there's something rather amusing this time: Richard throws in a few rants about ‘mini nukes’.’
      • ‘A cleaning woman is tearing a strip off him; the patients stare at his barren, distempered office.’
      • ‘The narrator describes his successive days with Usher and his artmaking thus: ‘An excited and highly distempered ideality threw a sulphurous luster over all’.’