Definition of distinguishing in English:


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  • Characteristic of one thing or person, so serving to identify it; distinctive.

    ‘a house with no distinguishing features’
    • ‘According to Mayer, there are four distinguishing characteristics of Modern Regulation.’
    • ‘Creole cooking is the distinguishing feature of Creole homes.’
    • ‘Rum's main distinguishing factor is the source of its distillation.’
    • ‘The distinguishing trait of Chinatown was the decorative arch which crossed H Street at 7th.’
    • ‘The distinguishing obligation of a fiduciary is the obligation of loyalty.’
    • ‘It is a rather unusual volume, with six distinguishing features.’
    • ‘To learn their craft well is the key distinguishing ambition of this group.’
    • ‘One of Brooklyn's distinguishing characteristics is the large size of its control room.’
    • ‘One of the distinguishing features of iGuidance is the desktop/notebook version of the software.’
    • ‘All games of the raid type require that those taking part should wear a distinguishing color.’
    • ‘He was clean-shaven, of slim build and had a clear complexion, but a distinguishing long nose.’
    • ‘Attention has also been given to ovarian morphology as a primary distinguishing characteristic.’
    • ‘It is pride to not acknowledge that all the distinguishing advantages you have come from God.’
    • ‘The distinguishing feature of this surface microphone is that it is only 6.9 mm in height.’
    • ‘As each individual story unfolds, we mark a shift into a distinguishing typeface.’
    • ‘The simplest distinguishing forms are the four qualities: heat, dryness, moisture and cold.’
    • ‘Does the suspect have any distinguishing characteristics?’
    • ‘We tried to estimate 2,000 feet but couldn't break out any distinguishing arresting-gear markers.’
    • ‘The distinguishing trust of the Society had always been the free and independent influence of the Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘They found three distinguishing features of the motor for the ranges of load and temperature they used.’



/dəˈstiNGɡwiSHiNG/ /dəˈstɪŋɡwɪʃɪŋ/