Definition of distractedness in English:



See distracted

  • ‘The error might have resulted from a second's distractedness rather than illiteracy.’
  • ‘Lizzie is relentlessly charming throughout, even as she somehow misses Gordo's obvious misery at her distractedness.’
  • ‘If distractedness breeds emotional turmoil, the ability to sustain our gaze, to keep looking, can bring greater clarity and insight.’
  • ‘She was forced to say something of this to Mr. Lesley when he asked her about her distractedness, but he could say nothing to reassure her.’
  • ‘If I were working in an office today, I'd be full of good intentions and dozy distractedness.’
  • ‘A committee of old men sitting on chairs were watching him and laughing a lot among themselves - perhaps amused at his distractedness or perhaps just glad that he was having to do the work and they weren't.’
  • ‘I walked into someone deliberately last week just to prove a point, and then it became a game to see how many read-and-walk people didn't get out of our way due to their own distractedness.’
  • ‘Nighy brings a wonderful distractedness to his portrayal of Gideon, who is becoming increasingly depressed and preoccupied by the distance between himself and his daughter Natasha.’
  • ‘What we've seen is a steady, continuing rise in the general level of distractedness as computing and communication technologies deliver an ever greater and faster-flowing stream of stimuli.’
  • ‘Maybe what is being revealed isn't that distractedness hurts learning, but that lecture is such an inefficient use of time that bright young minds have unused capacity that demands to be used in other ways?’