Definition of distraction burglary in English:

distraction burglary


  • An instance of gaining access to a property under false pretences, with the intention of committing theft.

    ‘two thieves pretending to be from the Water Board have carried out a string of distraction burglaries in the area’
    • ‘Motorists on Friday were asked if they had any information which could help identify the men responsible for the distraction burglary.’
    • ‘An elderly woman in Harnham was the victim of a distraction burglary at the weekend.’
    • ‘Distraction burglary is a pretty low crime and one that needs to be beaten so that we have safer streets.’
    • ‘"The whole point of distraction burglary is that there is always an accomplice who gets in to the house too."’
    • ‘An elderly Bradford on Avon couple were the victims of a distraction burglary.’
    • ‘Police believe two children wanted for a distraction burglary at a pensioner's home may have been trained by adults.’
    • ‘It aims to raise awareness about the problem of distraction burglary, in which thieves trick their way into houses by pretending to be someone they are not.’
    • ‘A pensioner thwarted an attempted distraction burglary by asking the caller for identification.’
    • ‘PC Weston said it was a typical distraction burglary.’
    • ‘According to Home Office statistics 38,000 pensioners were victims of distraction burglary between 2001 and 2003.’
    • ‘The incident is being treated as a distraction burglary.’
    • ‘This is the man police want to speak to in connection with a distraction burglary in Gorse Hill.’
    • ‘The Home Office had previously recognised that distraction burglary was an under-reported crime, he said.’
    • ‘Clear links have been established between doorstep cold-calling and crimes such as distraction burglaries, where crooks con their way into someone's home under false pretences.’
    • ‘A trial scheme in Cambridgeshire has cut the incidence of distraction burglaries by a ninth (11%) since it was set up two years ago.’
    • ‘Police officers are also warning elderly people to be on their guard tonight because Halloween can be rife with people committing distraction burglaries.’
    • ‘They have warned that distraction burglaries occur when con artists offer to repair roofs, replace tiles and fix other weather damage.’
    • ‘The good news is that distraction burglaries are down on last year and detection is up.’
    • ‘Police are urging residents to remain vigilant after four distraction burglaries were reported last week.’