Definition of distress rocket in English:

distress rocket


  • A rocket fired as a distress signal.

    • ‘But just over an hour after the distress rockets were fired, the Iolaire broke her back, slipped off the rocks and sank.’
    • ‘It was really useful to have pictures of the Spaceship interior and the distress rocket to use.’
    • ‘The Titanic fired distress rockets and attempted to signal by electric lamp and Morse code to this vessel.’
    • ‘Parachute distress rockets are designed to indicate a distress situation where line of sight is impaired.’
    • ‘Just over an hour after the distress rockets were fired the yacht broke her back, slipped off the rocks and sank.’
    • ‘Rockets are seen later, but they appear low, make no sound, and do not seem to be distress rockets.’
    • ‘After the collision Boxall helped to fire the distress rockets and to signal the nearby ship with a Morse code lamp.’
    • ‘All tended to make those distress rockets that were sent up from the sinking ship look so small, so dull and futile.’
    • ‘The Para Red distress rocket is designed specifically for long-range distress signalling.’
    • ‘Pottstown's skipper sent up distress rockets and signaled the Sandwich Coast Guard.’
    • ‘There was confusion and difficulty in finding the distress rockets when the Shackleton was in the area of the trawler.’
    • ‘Had this ship not been there, Captain Lord would have recognized the rockets as distress rockets.’
    • ‘The hiss of distress rockets being fired way up into the darkness overhead amused the children as their parents were trying to get them aboard lifeboats.’
    • ‘Al is off ranting about how they celebrated July 4th on the tour by setting off a distress rocket in the rear compartment of their band bus.’
    • ‘Early in the morning of 25 March the men on Seneca heard a loud explosion within their convoy, and shortly afterwards saw distress rockets in the air.’
    • ‘Oh, and we will set off a distress rocket, just the one, so tell the coastguard and all shipping within a few miles to just ignore it.’
    • ‘In addition you will be provided with a survival kit containing aluminium survival sheet, distress rocket, salt tablets and luminous signal stick.’
    • ‘Why did the California, whose bridge officers saw the distress rockets, not respond?’