Definition of distress sale in English:

distress sale


  • A sale of goods or assets at reduced prices to raise much-needed funds.

    • ‘The decline in prices may force a distress sale of collateral assets that, in turn, depresses asset prices.’
    • ‘Those prices indicate a severe distress sale in themselves.’
    • ‘If the company is not running, the assets will not fetch its market price but only the distress sale price.’
    • ‘For the past two years distress sale has become a common phenomenon.’
    • ‘There has been a large scale distress sale of milch cattle because of the drought in this belt.’
    • ‘He testified it was in effect a distress sale because the equipment was rusting in the snow and he had no choice but to sell it.’
    • ‘The food processing sector has a role to play in protecting the farmers against distress sale.’
    • ‘AT&T's late March announcement highlights the strategy of exploiting DSL distress sales.’
    • ‘And in just recent times, the villagers lost over 30 bullocks in distress sales.’
    • ‘Dimon, hoping to do much the same at Bank One, is betting that distress sales in the coming year could help him.’
    • ‘Despair has driven new records in the distress sales of farm animals.’
    • ‘I haven't seen any distress sales which you would expect if there was a problem with inventory.’