Definition of distress signal in English:

distress signal


  • A signal from a ship or aircraft that is in danger.

    • ‘If I screw up, I want you to send a distress signal and evacuate this ship.’
    • ‘We don't know why this ship was sending a distress signal.’
    • ‘He used the keyboard in the wall to send out an emergency distress signal to all ILPM ships.’
    • ‘An orbiting satellite picked up a distress signal from the ship's emergency beacon, standard equipment on all modern boats.’
    • ‘The warships had received the distress signal from their scout ships the moment the Large Human warship had arrived.’
    • ‘It sends out a distress signal but few vessels have the ability to read this information.’
    • ‘First, authorities will not only receive your distress signal, but they should receive your exact GPS coordinates.’
    • ‘I've managed to rebuild everything, but as I got the ship up and running it sent out the distress signal.’
    • ‘After receiving a distress signal from a distant mining colony, the Nightingale dimension jumps and comes to the rescue of a lone survivor.’
    • ‘Feeling hopeless, Young was just about to head toward the latest distress signal when a red light flickered on his HUD.’
    • ‘When an armor's owner is killed, it sends out a short distress signal.’
    • ‘The ferry had sent out a distress signal after a blaze started between two engines and the funnel on Friday night.’
    • ‘‘Peggy, Peggy,’ she calls out, like a great distress signal.’
    • ‘Send a distress signal to the Green Pastures MSS, and start monitoring broadcasts from that ship below us.’
    • ‘Here's the problem: The Mini-Con robots, the Transformers' long-lost third race, has sent a distress signal from Earth.’
    • ‘I began sending out a distress signal to the CRI.’
    • ‘At the same time, Petross sent out a distress signal.’
    • ‘The distress signal you send up when you find yourself separated from the cover boat may look impressive from your viewpoint at wave level.’
    • ‘He had sent out a distress signal not that long ago, but he had yet to see anyone from the GRC.’
    • ‘The distress signal was rigged to a hyperspace relay, so they know the colony is, or rather was, under attack.’
    warning, caution, notification, notice, exhortation, injunction