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  • Causing anxiety, sorrow or pain; upsetting.

    ‘some very distressing news’
    • ‘She had a good point about speaking up in a distressing situation.’
    • ‘The remainder of their stay passed without distressing incidents.’
    • ‘The decisive No vote among the younger generation was distressing.’
    • ‘Each snippet of bad news was distressing for Philipp.’
    • ‘Children can buy alcohol in York with distressing ease.’
    • ‘Combat is where the most distressing gameplay fault emerges.’
    • ‘The courageous youngster also suffers from distressing infections caused by saliva getting into his lungs.’
    • ‘In fact, the most distressing visuals are the sad scenes of refugees who fled the bombing of Kosovo.’
    • ‘His most distressing experience was the Valley Parade fire.’
    • ‘Perhaps most distressing are the injuries inflicted on our definitively non-renewable resource: archaeology.’
    • ‘This has been very distressing for him.’
    • ‘Mistakes like that shouldn't happen at such a distressing time.’
    • ‘However, I still cannot understand or rationalise the distressing sequence of events that followed his death.’
    • ‘It was distressing how quickly her body reacted to Levi.’
    • ‘I found out the most distressing thing today.’
    • ‘We have a large number of elderly people in the area and dementia is very distressing.’
    • ‘Sutton arrived as damaged goods after a distressing season at Chelsea.’
    • ‘Most patients report recurrence of cancer as more distressing than receiving the initial diagnosis.’
    • ‘One of the best methods of combating this distressing pattern may be through toll pricing.’
    • ‘It has been distressing to me that information about spirulina has been largely overlooked.’
    upsetting, worrying, affecting, painful, traumatic, agonizing, harrowing, tormenting
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/dəˈstresiNG/ /dəˈstrɛsɪŋ/