Definition of distributary in English:



  • A branch of a river that does not return to the main stream after leaving it (as in a delta).

    • ‘The water mass consists of tiny hilly streams, winding seasonal creeks, muddy canals, some truly magnificent rivers and their tributaries and distributaries.’
    • ‘The seven forests are on old levee ridges associated with past distributaries of the Mississippi River.’
    • ‘It is the artery that provides life itself, as do its tributaries and distributaries, whether irrigation systems or natural deltas.’
    • ‘The regular splitting and shifting of distributaries in the delta plain is caused by bars that are formed at the river mouth.’
    • ‘Within the distributary channel the relatively static nature of the saline wedge inhibits seaward bedload transport.’
    • ‘A large tract of land was inundated following a 20-foot breach in the Pai distributary near Anandpur Jharot village, about 10 km from here, last evening.’
    • ‘The Vagetikona project that was taken up two decades ago is a fallout of Gunjana falls and one of its distributaries flows to Kodur town as Gunajaneru.’
    • ‘The lack of rainfall is obviated to a degree by a well-developed irrigation system based upon a series of distributaries running from the Lower Swat Canal.’
    • ‘Their distributaries shifted to a more efficient course through what is now the main stem of the Mississippi, downstream from New Orleans.’
    • ‘The Rhine (and its distributaries Waal and Lek) was virtually a wine highway, linking Cologne with Dordrecht and Rotterdam.’
    • ‘Flows may have been storm-triggered or represent hyperpycnal underflows sourced from deltaic distributary channels, indicating the proximity of the coastline.’
    • ‘The environment is interpreted as a dominantly subaqueous delta top, similar to the modern Mississippi but with meandering distributary channels.’
    • ‘These intervals possibly represent signatures of distributary channels in a coastal-plain environment.’
    • ‘These cycles are interpreted as distributary mouth bars formed during a brief lowstand period.’