Definition of distributed system in English:

distributed system


  • A number of independent computers linked by a network.

    • ‘He is interested in systems and networking, especially computer networks and distributed systems.’
    • ‘A distributed system of network programmers is described for use with implantable medical devices.’
    • ‘Barr has worked on real-time distributed systems, software technologies and home networking over 16 years at Motorola.’
    • ‘His main areas of interest are distributed systems, networked virtual environments and the use of artificial intelligence in interactive games.’
    • ‘In addition, CNT's Director platform is a distributed system using independent processors.’
    • ‘An important part of the distributed system is the network, which spans the nodes of the cluster.’
    • ‘The software architecture is designed to take advantage of Ada 95's distributed system features as the implementations mature.’
    • ‘These storage servers, combined with distributed system software, are designed to be a peer in the storage cluster or grid.’
    • ‘The first version of ADSM provided the backup function for distributed systems to MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage) and VM mainframe servers.’
    • ‘It's like going from DOS to Windows, going from a more dominant mainframe architecture to a distributed system.’
    • ‘Her main areas of interest are distributed systems, Internet applications, coordination in virtual communities, and agent-based systems.’
    • ‘It alone claims to have the authority to oversee the distributed system of domain names and numbers.’
    • ‘Skitter is a distributed system for monitoring and reporting on network latency, packet loss, and path stability.’
    • ‘The first section opens with a quick review of distributed systems and an introduction to the Apache HTTP server.’
    • ‘Develop a vast, distributed system architecture for managing the huge volume of raw data input, analysis results, and feedback.’
    • ‘Because of the unique distributed systems architecture, performance scales up as storage capacity is added to the pool.’
    • ‘With the proliferation of distributed systems, IT installations began to have many servers, all with the need for automated backup.’
    • ‘You can now build over the distributed system using the following command.’
    • ‘A large distributed system communicating at the speed of light is going to have to accept the reality of infections at the speed of light.’
    • ‘But the danger with this approach is that a distributed system can easily be forgotten.’


distributed system

/dəˈstribyo͞odəd ˌsistəm/ /dəˈstrɪbjudəd ˌsɪstəm/