Definition of distributor cap in English:

distributor cap


  • An insulated cap that fits over the distributor in a gasoline engine and that distributes voltage to the spark plugs.

    • ‘Pandas mentions a car engine, which will not work if one removes the fan belt, spark plugs, distributor cap, or any of numerous individual parts.’
    • ‘Other common problems include faulty spark plugs, an ill-fitting fan belt and a cracked distributor cap.’
    • ‘A big guy with dirty ginger hair shambled out, a distributor cap trailing ignition wires dangling from his hand.’
    • ‘As his assistant removes a distributor cap, the repair-shop owner relates homespun parables and gently offers advice.’
    • ‘He impatiently toyed with the distributor cap.’
    • ‘The owner, who had parked the car there after it had broken down, had removed the distributor cap to immobilize his car.’
    • ‘We worked on the car and found not only had the radiator hose broken, but the distributor cap had corroded.’
    • ‘One mile into the stage the distributor cap came off.’
    • ‘Wayne pulled the distributor cap and saw that the rotor button was half burnt out.’