Definition of district high school in English:

district high school


Australian, New Zealand
  • A school in a rural area or small town.

    ‘she took a teaching position at the local district high school’
    • ‘At the start of every new school term, senior students at the District High School choose a theme to study.’
    • ‘The constable has just finished a bike education program with a group of girls at Mullewa District High School.’
    • ‘The Dongara District High School Year 9 student was nominated for outstanding achievement in the arts award category for his talent on the clarinet.’
    • ‘A District High School art teacher checks out some of her students' work which lines the window of an empty shop in town.’
    • ‘A flair for poetry has earned a District High School student international recognition.’
    • ‘She was allowed to go to Southbridge District High School in 1936 and complete her proficiency test while there.’
    • ‘THE Northampton District High School has come a long way since being opened in the mid-80's.’
    • ‘Early in 1877, the New Plymouth Education Board applied to the Government for a loan to build its first District High School.’
    • ‘She is teaching her language and culture to students at Mullewa District High School.’
    • ‘Then to the Warkworth District High School, where he pinned the petition on the noticeboard.’