Definition of district nurse in English:

district nurse


  • (in the UK) a nurse who visits and treats patients in their homes, operating in a specific area or in association with a particular general practice surgery or health centre.

    • ‘As well as the GPs, the surgery also has a district nurse, health visitor midwives and podiatrist.’
    • ‘You should be able to get these through a district nurse or nurse continence adviser.’
    • ‘There's a district nurse from the new surgery who comes in every two weeks, just to maintain contact.’
    • ‘A few days later a district nurse from Wilsden Medical Practice took a separate blood sample from him as part of a regular check-up.’
    • ‘A district nurse and community health visitor will also use the new centre as a base.’
    • ‘Fourteen days later he was referred to the dermatology department by the district nurse, who was concerned that the wound was not healing.’
    • ‘The team includes a range of professionals, including a district nurse, counsellors and physiotherapist.’
    • ‘The man opened his front door because, after spending four months in hospital being treated for jaundice, he was expecting a visit from the district nurse.’
    • ‘What will happen to people marooned in their homes by their health needs, if it is not possible for the district nurse to visit their homes any longer?’
    • ‘His care package includes the daily visit from a district nurse but her good work is simply not enough for his needs.’
    • ‘After a short stint as a private duty nurse, Dora became a relief district nurse at Slave Lake.’
    • ‘Our district nurse, old and wise, cured them all with some difficulty.’
    • ‘A district nurse attended the project steering group and became an enthusiastic convert, engaging many of her colleagues.’
    • ‘It was then discovered that I had MRSA, and the district nurse had to attend to my bandaging at home.’
    • ‘She always seemed to have leg ulcers on her damaged shin and the district nurse was a frequent visitor.’
    • ‘Congratulations and best wishes from all her patients to our district nurse Denise who gave birth recently to a bouncing baby girl.’
    • ‘Before that, she served as a district nurse in her home area.’
    • ‘The district nurse attended regularly to dress it.’
    • ‘A late 1930's photograph of the log cabin where her grandmother was posted as a district nurse suggests rough working conditions.’
    • ‘She later studied maternity nursing in Plymouth and became a district nurse in London.’


district nurse