Definition of diterpene in English:



  • Any of a group of terpenes found in plant gums and resins, having unsaturated molecules based on a unit with the formula C₂₀H₃₂.

    • ‘The active biochemical constituents are called guggulsterones, which contain diterpenes, sterols, esters and fatty alcohols.’
    • ‘In conifers, for example, the diterpene content of resin has a direct influence on the rate of resin crystallization.’
    • ‘Correlations among all sesquiterpenes and among all diterpenes were also significant and positive for yellow-cedars (except for one minor diterpene).’
    • ‘Structurally diverse compounds including diterpenes, prostaglandins and steroids have been described in octocorals.’
    • ‘Excessive amounts of these materials, which contain diterpene alkaloids particularly aconitine, can produce toxic effects and occasional fatalities.’