Definition of dithizone in English:



  • A synthetic compound used as a reagent for the analysis and separation of lead and other metals.

    Alternative name: diphenylthiocarbazone; chemical formula: C₁₃H₁₂N₄S

    ‘Soluble mercury contents in Baochi San, Xiaoer Zhibon Ding and Xiaoer Baishou Dan have been determined using dithizone method.’
    • ‘The color resulting from the formation of the inner salt complex between dithizone and the lead cation is maintained,.’
    • ‘The dithizone heavy metal reagent allows the detection of free heavy metal ions in bodily liquids like urine and saliva.’
    • ‘Distilled water, tap water and a solution of lead nitrate are extracted with a hexane solution containing dithizone.’
    • ‘The sensing material is composed of dithizone dissolved in a mixture of PVS in tetrahydrofuran and 2-nitrophenyl octyl ether.’



/dīˈTHīˌzōn/ /daɪˈθaɪˌzoʊn/


1920s from elements of the systematic name (see above).