Definition of dittography in English:



  • A mistaken repetition of a letter, word, or phrase by a copyist.

    • ‘Examples of the second type are treatments on dittography, haplography, harmonization, and itacisms.’
    • ‘It has therefore been left out as a possible dittography, but certainly not translateable.’
    • ‘Haplography is writing once what should be written twice, such as defendum rather than defendendum, and dittography is the opposite.’
    • ‘Some scholars suggest the phrase may be the result of dittography from the earlier phrase ‘to each people according to its language.’’
    • ‘Jeremiah 15: 13-14 are a dittography of Jeremiah 17: 3f.’
    • ‘On the facing pages of chapter 1 is an exact transcription of the codex, haplographies, dittographies, misspellings, lacunae, and all.’
    • ‘The many dittographies in the manuscript have been faithfully transcribed by Hamdan Hassan, and have been retained in the MCP text.’
    • ‘Like almost every other hit I clicked on, it seems to me an example of inadvertent duplication (dittography).’
    • ‘The initial mem found in the MT may have been added accidentally due to dittography with the final mem on the immediately preceding word.’


Late 19th century from Greek dittos ‘double’ + -graphy.