Definition of divalent in English:


Pronunciation /dīˈvālənt/ /daɪˈveɪlənt/

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  • Having a valence of two.

    ‘Experiments with erythrocytes were repeated with either sodium sulfate or sodium nitrate replacing the divalent ion at the same concentration.’
    • ‘However, EDTA is not ideal because it also binds essential divalent cations such as calcium and zinc.’
    • ‘Our observations support the claim that monovalent or divalent cations are not necessary to polymerize G-actin into F-actin.’
    • ‘On different days, the standard protocol was repeated with the diluent containing different divalent ion concentrations.’
    • ‘In an alternative model, two pairs of the negatively charged residues would chelate two divalent cations.’