Definition of divan in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈvan/ /dʌɪˈvan/ /ˈdʌɪvan/


  • 1

    (also divan bed)
    British A bed consisting of a base and mattress but no footboard or headboard.

    • ‘For example, instead of putting a lavish bed into the bedroom we bought a standard divan bed and had a headboard made.’
    • ‘In drawers under the divan bed were four large bags of herbal cannabis and five smaller bags.’
    • ‘He found Mullen hiding inside the divan bed and he detained him until the police returned.’
    • ‘Long story short, I'm up to my elbow under his divan bed, when I feel a packet of tissues.’
    • ‘Beds, which include divans, mattresses and bedsteads, were valued at £974m, with bedsteads the major growth sector in recent years.’
    • ‘The firm had been operating in Sutton for 22 years producing headboards and drawer divans for Silentnight.’
    • ‘Beds with slatted wooden or metal bases provide better circulation of air around the mattress than divan beds.’
    • ‘We went up to the room with an armful of blankets and set about making the divan and the bed next to it.’
    • ‘Looking again she realised there wasn't a mattress on the bed, just a thin bedspread covering a divan, with drawers underneath.’
    • ‘One of the men was found hiding in the divan unit of a bed.’
    • ‘He rolled out of bed and sat at the edge of the divan, looking into the mirror beside his cot.’
    • ‘Sophia's on the guest divan, reading a magazine and being of absolutely no help to her mother.’
    • ‘Some time later found the pair in Ie's chambers, sitting on a simple divan colored a subtle mauve, discussing times gone by.’
    • ‘U-Rest Foam is now on record as one of Zambia's major manufacturer of divan beds, foam sheets, cushions and pillows.’
  • 2A long, low sofa without a back or arms.

    • ‘They piled out into a bigger room with several worn couches and divans.’
    • ‘I spotted Jonas and his friends lounging on ornate, divan couches in the ‘mirror’ room.’
    • ‘She pulled the low writing desk to the divan, and reached into the jar.’
    • ‘She should be here soon, ‘Jamie answered offering Jude a seat on the divan.’’
    • ‘Lounging on the divan, his arms placed unguardedly before him, he had none of the tense, high-strung, honour-obsessed posture of his people.’
    • ‘She was lounging on a divan, and looked rather uncomfortable - like she was hurt.’
    • ‘The room was simply furnished with a large divan facing the TV set, two comfortable looking armchairs, all surrounding a wooden table.’
    • ‘One woman stretched out on the divan lounge, thoughtfully perusing a scroll.’
    • ‘The cream leather seats, with chocolate faux ponyskin box stools, sit perfectly with the chocolate Nubuck two-seater divans.’
    • ‘As an example of minimalism to the extreme, Hanson used only a cluttered desk and a divan to suggest Higgins' study.’
    • ‘He looked in the direction next to the couch or divan that he was lying on, and saw a woman, sitting there next to him.’
    • ‘Faced with multiple sweets and puddings, I simply reclined and used the best of the divan.’
    • ‘Opening a side door, he saw a small, ornately - furnished parlor with two divans facing each other.’
    • ‘She stood firm under their weight, gently ushering them back into the room and onto one of the divans.’
    • ‘A deep, luxurious carpet covered the floor, and several divans were situated around the room.’
    • ‘When we sit for dinner it is on divans against walls covered with rich Moroccan fabrics.’
    • ‘Its living room had cushions and divans, and the kind owner offered us a room for the night.’
    • ‘Resting on the divan in the hall, noises of loud whispers and bursts of laughter reach my ears - coming from Sophia's room.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, back in the ‘real’ world, feast your eyes on these canine accessories, including this insane dog divan.’
    • ‘You sit on divans at low tables, as waiters in fezzes and djellebas produce dishes like magicians from velvet tagine-shaped platters.’
    day bed, sofa bed
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  • 3historical A legislative body, council chamber, or court of justice in the Ottoman Empire or elsewhere in the Middle East.

    • ‘The king holds court in the divan, where citizens can make requests or express complaints.’
    • ‘The palace comprises tall, elaborately decorated rooms where the Khan held his divans, or council meetings.’
    • ‘Every year the divan, the ruling council of the Pirate Republic of Bou Regreg met to elect two officers for the year.’


Late 16th century (in divan (sense 3 of the noun)): via French or Italian from Turkish dīvān, from Persian dīwān ‘anthology, register, court, or bench’; compare with diwan. As a piece of furniture, a divan was originally (early 18th century) a low bench or raised section of floor against an interior wall, used as a long seat and common in Middle Eastern countries; European imitation of this led to the sense ‘low flat sofa or bed’ (late 19th century).



/dɪˈvan/ /dʌɪˈvan/ /ˈdʌɪvan/