Definition of dive-bomb in English:



[with object]
  • 1Bomb (a target) while diving steeply downwards in an aircraft.

    ‘planes were dive-bombing the aerodrome’
    • ‘The Blackburn Skua was the first British aircraft specifically designed for dive-bombing, but it could also serve as a fighter.’
    • ‘Army co-operation and close air support were in their infancy in the USA and dive-bombing seemed to be the answer.’
    • ‘But in Korea the Sabres were there to protect the fighters at low-level, while they were dive-bombing, Mahurin said.’
    • ‘The Germans and the US Navy had found a partial solution to the problem even before the war - dive-bombing.’
    • ‘I dive-bombed into the murky entrance while slowing down smoothly.’
    • ‘In another incident his ship was sunk after being dive-bombed, again with the loss of up to forty men.’
    • ‘If World War II inspired George Lucas, it was with dive-bombing fighter planes and aerial dogfights.’
    • ‘The Invaders had to do a kind of modified dive-bombing, he said.’
    • ‘They are also tricky to use - requiring fighters and gunboats to engage in something resembling an old dive-bombing run from WW2.’
    • ‘Then at 0915 the dive-bombing was renewed before the raiders withdrew at 0945.’
    • ‘She adjusted her helmet and was about to dive-bomb the store when she couldn't spot either Deathtone or the judge.’
    • ‘Dragoon enclosed on the base and went high in the air then dive-bombed the area with that special fireball technique.’
    • ‘On his final day, he tested a P-A7 converted for use on D day as a low-altitude fighter with dive-bombing capability.’
    • ‘The experienced pilots carried out a text-book dive-bombing attack on the big Japanese ships.’
    1. 1.1(of a bird or flying insect) attack (something) by swooping down on it.
      ‘the crow folded its wings and dive-bombed the vulture’
      • ‘On a recent holiday to Italy, I sat in the main square in Sienna eating pizza surrounded by dive-bombing pigeons.’
      • ‘The bird squawked again, and dive-bombed the dog.’
      • ‘It looks like a normal fly but can smell sweat and dive-bombs any bare flesh.’
      • ‘I don't know how they get in, but there they are, furiously dive-bombing my chair.’
      • ‘I think the gnat knows I'm writing about him because he just dive-bombed my face.’
      • ‘Look at those birds dive-bombing the mowed seeds I am leaving behind!’
      • ‘In my favorite rescue story, a woman summons Animal Control because a pack of crows is dive-bombing an injured owl.’
      • ‘A female fly hovers over a mound before she pinpoints a victim, dive-bombs it, and deposits one of her eggs inside it.’
      • ‘Ms. Crew turned on him like a hawk dive-bombing a rabbit.’
      • ‘The parents vigorously defend the nest, dive-bombing intruders.’
      • ‘They will also mob predators in flight, gathering into tight flocks and dive-bombing a hawk or other predator.’
      • ‘Extremely protective, the birds show little hesitation to dive-bomb those who approach too closely, including people.’
      • ‘Take a hat, however - nesting terns will dive-bomb you and peck your head, and they usually draw blood!’
      • ‘With a cackle she flew higher into the sky and dive-bombed one of the city's markets.’
      • ‘The night dive here produced more dive-bombing by huge tarpon, feeding on a bait-ball of silversides attracted by our floodlights.’
      • ‘Seabirds rest on ledges above us, but seem happy with our presence, so we don't get dive-bombed.’
      • ‘It was a bit scary because the large ferries were steaming past us and at one point we were even dive-bombed by seagulls.’
      • ‘The gannets dive-bombing into the sea is the divine sign from above.’
      • ‘Three cheeky Capistrano swallow refugees dive-bombed out of the heavens and zoomed in all around him.’
      • ‘If you wander too close to their nest sites on the moorland, they will dive-bomb and are not afraid to make contact with heads.’